Tropical Fish Export has thrived for almost three decades and today is one of Indonesia leading names in marine export industry

Our Products

Marine Fish

Burgees, Centropyge Multifasciatus, Dactyloptena orientalis, Flame Basslet, Melichtys Niger, Ornate Butterfly Fish, Ostracion Meleagris, Picasso Triggerfish Arp, Plectorhinchus Lineatus, Pomacanthus Annularis, Pseudocoris Bleeker, and more …

Fresh Water Fish

Angel Fishes, Barbs, Betta, Cat Fish, Cichlid, Danio, Gold Fishes, Indonesia Koi, Gourami / Labyrinths, Killie Fishes, Knife Fishes, Loaches, Mollies, Platies, Swordtail, Guppies, Polypterus, Rainbows, Rasbora, Shark, Tetra, and more.

Live Rock

Live Rock with red algae, Live Rock with purple algae, Live Rock Branch, Live Rock Flat, and more…


Soft Coral, Hard Coral, Cultured Corals, Cultured Soft Coral, and more…


You can see all the list of our culture products.


You can see all the list of our invertebrates products.

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