Our Guarantee

We meticulously select only the best fishes, corals or invertebrates, place them in our tanks for a few days, and when orders come, we screen the healthy stock for shipping. Before the box is sealed for departure, we do final inspection on each box to ensure the container and the live stock inside are in excellent conditions.

Delivery Time

Regarding our country economy business has risen up. For years, sometime the airline schedule is crowded due to some destination. We will send the shipment as soon as possible once the space is confirmed.


We regularly check the DOA with our customer and we gladly report that since we started there is less than 5% DOA per shipment due to our strict selection process. We ask customer to absorb the first 5% of DOA losses. All DOA above 5% or other issues should be reported no later than 24 hours along with photo documentation. DOA causes by delayed flight or negligence / mishandling by the carrier, should be directed to the carrier.


Requires prepayment, Western Union, bank transfer or deposit to our account before the order can be processed for direct shipment or if we feel necessary and will apply to anyone without reason. We will give a sales estimate of the amount ordered ( Proforma Invoice ) and let the customer know beforehand the amount to be deposited.

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